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Oracle Card Divination

As an intuitive and channel  Leslie has found great joy in working with clients with this amazing divination system. Her specialism is Soul Expression and she has found that tapping into our soul as our wayshower to be an extremely impactful way to gain Clarity

Offerings are:

Reiki and Energy Healing

Distance Reiki appointments are available.  All client sessions in any system are infused with Reiki.

Offerings are:

Soul Realignment and Akashic Records Reading & Clearing

Leslie is a Certified as a Soul Realignment Practitioner as well as having trained with other Akashic Records Masters.  She can serve as a guide and channel to access your Akashic Records

Offerings are:  

Holistic Recovery Coaching

As a yoga teacher RYT-200, a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist and Reiki Master, Leslie like to use these three sides of the triangle to work with the Recovery Community.

For those new in recovery (and for anyone) , it is extremely helpful to develop our intuitive gifts, to learn tools to facilitate self care and to create a structured practice for this to enhance and support sobriety

Another passion for Leslie is her work with the long-term recovery community, particularly working with releasing emotional patterns, helping clients learn additional tools to age with grace and dignity and encouraging self-help and self-care.

Our Mission

 It is our mission to educate and encourage others so they can facilitate healing within themselves. 

Why Work With Us

If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed, and are looking for your missing link, please connect with us, we often don't know what we don't know. Balancing and clearing your energies can help reveal your truth.

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