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Experience Healing That’s Beneficial for the Soul

Find Balance and Achieve Healing From the Inside

A Moment of Clarity at The Jersey Shore is a small healing practice offering a vibrational healing experience for the mind, body and spirit. It is our intent to empower and educate you about an effective self-care practice which will incorporate our triangle of healing.

The three sides of the triangle are symbolic of a number of things, for our purposes – mind, body, and spirit. The circle outside of the triangle is a circle of unity infused with white Reiki healing light.

The triangle consists of:

  • Energy Healing and Reiki

  • Prana Yoga Using Breath, Sound and Vibration

  • Therapeutic Grade Vibrational Essential Oils

YOU are at the center of that circle. Keeping ourselves immersed in personally caring for our body, mind, and spirit will keep us balanced and whole!

As a source of education and private personal sessions, we complement other self-help modalities. We place a strong emphasis on client participation in their ongoing healing and in being the ultimate creator of their own destiny.

Join us in the journey...

 We offer essential oil education, make and take workshops with the oils,  meditation, yoga and more.

Our meetups will generally include a little bit of everything!

Please sign up for our mailing list.

Stay in the loop for upcoming educational events & workshops.

We are not a glum lot .

When you signup for our mailing list you will receive a coupon for a free zyto scan in your welcome letter.

Be on the lookout for our email and check the descriptions tab for a description of the zyto scan!

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