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About Leslie

Leslie Baker Bennett is a Soul Realignment Practitioner, Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, Reiki Master Practitioner and a Prana Yoga Teacher (RYT-200) She is also a Holistic Minister Practitioner ordained through Lightwing and a Certified Public Accountant licensed in New York and New Jersey.

Leslie has studied with the Institute of Spiritual Healing & Aromatherapy and has completed a 300 hour intensive program in energy healing and clinical aromatherapy. She has studied with a number of Reiki Masters in several different schools of Reiki and has studied in a varied number of energy modalities.

She is a CCAR Recovery Coach, a Recovery 2.0 Yoga Informed Recovery Coach and an Oola Life Coach.  (

She is very grateful for the many wise teachers and mentors along the way.

Here are some thoughts from Leslie about her intention in her healing practice.

My belief about healing is continually evolving. Bringing the energy healing into my personal toolkit, along with the essential oils, has been a game-changer for me. The concept of “the issues are in the tissues” or of working with the energy field and chakras is very empowering.

Coming from a twelve-step background for over 28 years, much correlates but the very deep core childhood issues which are often below our conscious level of thought are something that cannot necessarily be addressed through step work. The oils, in conjunction with energy healing and my style of yoga (which incorporates mainly vibration and sounds into the poses for energy balancing and movement of energy), can create a level of deep emotional healing. It can be taught to others so that they can practice self-care, too.

I believe that healing the emotions and the mind can correlate to healing in the body. I also believe that there can be energetic healing done with no conscious thought on the part of the receiver. Blockages can be removed, and energy can be re-patterned and cleared.

Incorporating Soul Realignment into my practice has been very enlightening for many of my clients and we have experienced major breakthroughs on such a subtle level but with major impact.

I have had particularly intense experiences with distance Reiki as well as other distance healing techniques. As such, I can tell that I will continually remain a student and continue to learn more.

The skill set that I have used as a CPA is very logic-based, detective-like, and employed creative thinking. These skills go right into my practice as a Soul Realignment Practitioner. However, I also bring my intuition, my heart, and my desire for service into it in a much more well-rounded and self-fulfilling way.

I see myself as a guide, an interpreter, and implementer of concepts and modalities that may be unfamiliar to my clients. I will be able to introduce these modalities to them and educate them. Education has always been a big part of my methodology.

My core competency (and this stems my sponsorship role in a 12-step program as well as in counseling people in transitioning from one place to another in their lives) is to help people to change their perception of their situation. This is the ability turn their view a few degrees to the left or right and help them see what has been hidden from their vision.

It has always been my job not to give people their answers, but to help them discover their options. A Discovery Coach perhaps? I guess the extreme logical ability that I have sends my mind quickly down various paths and think-throughs of scenarios. I integrate this with an intuitive knowing of my client so that I can lead them to an awareness of many more possibilities than they had imagined. Now we can journey forward together with an action plan.

This applies in my healing practice and is supportive of my clients in their ability to have a hands-on integrated way of caring for themselves.

The joy is in helping my clients make positive life changes. I feel fulfilled in being able to accompany them as they look down the hallway beyond the perceived closed door to the window of their success— all of this, beyond their wildest dreams and mine.

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